Discover the Greek Island of Andros

Andros, a place to escape…

The Island

Andros, an island of dreams…
Culture, nobility, picturesque streets, fragrant gardens, unforgettable sunsets. Andros has a way to surprise and fascinate you all the time.


According to the prevailing view, that of Diodorus of Sicily, the island took its name from Andros, General of Radamanthys, king of Crete, a fact which also proves that Andros was under Cretan sovereignty, like the other Aegean islands.


Andros is, without a doubt, an island of culture and art.

Many Andriots excelled in literature and arts, with greater example that of poet Andreas Embirikos.


Andros has many top quality beaches that suit all tastes. There are fully organized, easily accessible and ideal beaches for families, but also secluded ones.


Discover the treasures and the amazing cities of Andros.


On the island of Andros you can visit significant monasteries dating from the Byzantine period to the last years of the Ottoman Empire.

Relax & enjoy your holiday!

Book your stay and get ready to take your holidays to the next level at the Aegean Andros Island.

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